Visit to TakeForm & Baxter in Medina

Career & Finance and PLTW classes Visit TakeForm & Baxter in Medina

By: Aubrey

Students from LCS were able to explore career fields at Baxter and TakeForm.  Baxter employs 600 people at the Medina facility. They are part of a worldwide corporation.   At Baxter, they make IV pumps for hospitals. They have many different components of production, such as delivery, troubleshooting, and assembly. “I learned many interesting new facts about this company, the products, and its jobs. The factor that I found the most fascinating however was the assembly. It was amusing how many parts and how much concentration was needed to produce one part.”

The second place my group went to was TakeForm. This was a place that makes signs and wall graphics. Some of the different components of this business were design and production. What appealed to me at this place was the creativity that had to be put in to create their products. Also it was interesting about all of the different skills needed to produce their work.

“The graphic design portion of TakeForm interested me for a career. This is because design and creativity is something I enjoy doing. I would probably need some type of art class throughout high school, but I’m not so sure about college.”


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