Post It Note Mural

Lyndonville’s Studio Art Class has been working very hard the last week to create a Post It Note mural. Not sure what a Post It Note mural is? Using only colored Post It Notes students created an image of a tiger. If you have ever played the game Mine Craft or looked too close at a TV screen you have probably noticed the tiny blocks of color that make up the whole image, pixels as we like to call them. From a distance you do not even notice all the colored boxes because you eyes and mind blend them together to help you see the big picture.  This project uses the same concept only we purposely pixalated an image of a tiger, the school’s mascot. Since each pixel represented a colored Post It Note, it was time for some math to be involved. Students had to figure out the real dimensions of the tiger if created out of 3″ Post Its to make sure it would fit on the wall and also how many Post It Notes would be needed all together. After 1,225 Post Its, a lot of tape and a week of hard work the tiger appeared! It is best viewed at the end of the very long hallway to allow your eyes to blend the pixels together or believe it or not viewing it through your cell phone’s camera len also helps the magic to appear! The mural turned out amazing, great job to all those involved!

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