Trip to Boston

This past Friday, April 29th, the high school music students departed at 6:30am to head towards Boston, MA. The bus ride was about 7-8 hours long. Once we got to Boston we went on a tour of the city. It wasn’t an ordinary tour though. We all boarded this duck boat. This boat is a vehicle that can drive through the city and then literally drive into the water and become a boat. Throughout the tour we learned a lot about the historical background of the city. “It was really cool how the bus turned into a boat and we were able to just drive into the water”- Brian Anderson.  As the tour came to an end we all then boarded the bus and headed to the restaurant to eat dinner before going to see the blue man group. We ate at a place called fire and ice. It wasn’t your typical restaurant with a menu to choose your dish from. You sat at your seat and there was a bowl in front of you. You then got up and went to this buffet of raw ingredients. After you fill your bowl you brought everything to the chefs who cooked the food right in front of you on a large grill like a hibachi restaurant. We were all a little scared of the whole unfamiliar process, but we all ended up loving it. When we finished dinner we all got together and walked a few blocks to the theater to see the Blue Man group. “The Blue Man Group was definitely the highlight of my trip. It was so interesting listening to the music they created. They were very involved with the crowd which made is an experience I will remember forever” -Cassie Maynard. The blue man group was definitely most of our favorite parts. “My favorite part of The blue Man group was when the lights went down and the crowd got covered with streamers, there were these huge balls that the crows was able to push around the theater and it was such a cool experience.” – Rhiannon Burgess. When the show was over we went and checked into our hotel to rest up before competition on Saturday.


Saturday morning we all woke up and ate the breakfast that the hotel provided. The bus left the hotel at 8am to head to holyoke High School for the competition. When we arrived at the school we sat in the auditorium and watched a few bands who performed before us. We took the stage a little before noon. After the performance we were all relieved it was over, but we were also so proud of ourselves and others because we were so proud of how we played. “I feel we played extremely well even though we were missing a few students, as a whole we balanced together extremely well seeing as how we didn’t have the full band” – Lexi Montez. When the chorus finished their portion of the competition, we headed out to spend our day at Six Flags. It was a nice way to relax after pouring all of our energy into our performance. After a few hours of having fun at the park we met at the pavilions for the awards ceremony. We had a very successful day. Not only did we take home a superior rating in both chorus and band for our division, the band took the 1st place overall trophy home. There was also a new trophy that was introduced. The trophy is called the “esprit de corps” award. Esprit de corps is defined as: feelings of loyal, enthusiasm, and devotion to a group among people who are members of the group. In other words, being respectful, cooperative, and a good role model. We were honored to have taken this new award home. “I thought the competition went very smoothly, I felt we were very productive, and it was one of my favorite parts of the trip”-Jessie Harling. After spending our day at the park we went back to the hotel and we were provided with one large pizza for each room, thanks to our amazing music boosters. (This was my favorite part of the trip because who doesn’t love pizza.)


Sunday when we woke up bright and early to go on a tour of Fenway park. Our tour guide brought us around the entire stadium. We started at the entrance and went all the way to the top, we also got brought into the press box and got to see the entire field. “It was really cool going to the very top of the stadium because not only could you see the entire stadium, you could see the city behind it” -Antoinette Gress. After we got done at the park we went to the aquarium. “I am so excited for the aquarium” Jessie Harling would say the entire way to Boston. When we entered the aquarium, the first thing we were able to do was touch stingrays with our bare hands! It was such an amazing experience. We were able to see sea lions and tons of salt water fish. In the center of the aquarium there was a HUGE salt water tank and there was a giant eel hiding in the plants. After the aquarium we went shopping at Quincy market. “My favorite part of Quincy market was the Ghirardelli Store. They had the best milkshake that I have ever had. EVER. “ -Brian Anderson. Many students agreed with Brian. They had really good milkshakes. Many of us ate at the food court at Quincy Market, and several of us were able to buy our souvenirs. After we did our shopping we boarded the bus and got ready for our long bus ride home.

Overall it was a very successful trip. It shows how hard work pays off. We work all year to be the best we can be in everything and on the trip we were not only able to show off all of our hard work, but we were able to come together as a program and spend a few days together experiencing things that some of us have never done before. Through this experience I have learned that there is a much larger world outside of lyndonville. “One of my favorite parts was experiencing the city atmosphere”-Leif Isaacson. I have also learned that as a whole program we do get frustrated throughout the school year as we are being drilled with all of our music, but this just shows that we aren’t doing it for nothing. It shows that our hard work pays off and that everything we have done has been worth every second of it.


“This trip gave our students the chance to step outside themselves and showcase just how amazing they are.  They hear me, their director, both praising and critiquing them all the time. At competition, they not only achieved the ultimate goal, but also received powerful and instructive feedback on their performances from two renowned judges. I am so thankful for the opportunity to spend time with the students and showcase their hard work.” Mrs.Best


“Our trip to Boston was packed full of experiences and memories that I hope our students will carry with them forever.  Certainly, one highlight was the competition in which we participated.  Every time our students perform in or out of school, they shine and we are always so proud of them.  It’s wonderful though to receive recognition from nationally recognized professionals.  The feedback received reinforced all of the things that we have been working on in chorus and the competition was a real celebration of the hard work done by our amazingly talented students!” Mrs. Trupo


“This trip had many positive effects on our students, and music program. Not only were we shown that we rank up at the top when compared to similar schools out of our area, but the “Espirit De Corp” award showed that our behavior and professionalism is unparalleled, which in many regards is even more important and something huge to be proud of. Aside from the music side of things, the history and culture that we received in Boston was something that can’t be learned out of textbooks, and will be carried with our students for the rest of their lives.” Mr. Bailey

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