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Yearbook Planning Field Trip

On Friday a group of students attended the Jostens yearbook planning trip at the Buffalo Zoo. There students were inspired by guest speakers such as Caleb Campbell and the Craft brothers about the importance of yearbooks and designing them. From here students them worked one on one to create next years cover. Student enjoyed the day and we look forward to seeing the book come to life next year.


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Faculty Learn Technique from AVID 12 Students

On Wednesday, seniors in the AVID program demonstrated the philosophical chairs strategy for our faculty. Students discussed two articles and their opinions related to a hot button topic in a way that was respectful and knowledgeable with inner and outer circles. Each circle was designated to either discuss or be active listeners. This strategy allows others to listen to both sides without getting defensive and understand where others are coming from with their opinions.

Faculty gave the students praise for being courageous enough to demonstrate this in front of the whole middle and high school staff. They thought the students did a wonderful job and look forward to possibly using this strategy within their own disciplines and classrooms.

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YEA Class Presentations

Mr. Wolford’s senior YEA class members gave their business presentations on Tuesday to a panel of professionals. Students have been working towards this all year, making sure their business proposals were well thought out, accurate and obtainable. The panel gave feedback on ways to help get these businesses off the ground. Great job to all!


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St. Patty’s Day Dance

The 7th and 8th grade classes hosted a middle school dance in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day. Students got to wear their favorite shade of green and dance the night away. They enjoyed music, dancing, snacks and one person had the luck of the Irish with them for the costume contest. It was a great night with fun had by all!


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Holiday Fun

On Friday, before holiday break, students were treated to some extra fun activities. The day was started with a locker clean out followed by a band and chorus concert then holiday festivities continued in the gym and ended with movies in the classrooms. It was a great way to bring the holiday cheer to everyone!

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Annual “Ugly” Sweater Contest

Studio Art students participated in an annual “ugly” sweater contest. Students created their own versions of “ugly” sweaters, to which they were then on display for faculty and staff to vote for their favorites. Categories included; Most Festive, Most Likely to Actual Wear, Most Ridiculous, Funniest and Most Original. LCS staff commented that students this year created the best sweaters then following years. It was a fun and festive way to get into the holiday spirit!

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Studio Art Field Trip

On November 21st, students from the Studio Art class took a field trip to The Albright Knox Art Gallery. Students explored famous pieces of art through a guided tour. They saw pieces by Picasso, Van Gogh, Pollock and many more famous artists. Students also explored the featured exhibit called, Out of Sight! Art of the Senses. Artwork within this exhibit explored the human reaction to sight, sound, smell, touch and even taste! Students enjoyed the trip and were talking about the experience for many days to follow.


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The Lions Club Peace Poster Contest

8th grade art classes at Lyndonville partook in a poster design contest presented by The Lions Club. Student were to design a poster represent the “future of peace,” without the use of any words or numbers. This was a challenge but student arose the occasion. 48 students created posters, that selection was narrowed down to 16 via the art teacher, Mrs. LeClair. Leo Club members (a youth based Lions Club group within the school) narrowed the selection down to 10. The Lions club then granted a 1st through 3rd prize winners with one honorable mention. The first place winner’s poster will go on to the next round of judging. Great job!

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Elementary Musical

The elementary musical is something that students, staff and the community look forward to every year. This year students did an amazing job and the audience acknowledge that. Nice work to all that were involved and we look forward to next year!

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Happy Halloween, Lyndonville

Halloween is a time of joy, candy, and costumes.  The PTA Halloween party, on the 27th of October was an addition to the excitement. kids of all ages could play games, enjoy activities, crafts, and food. The elementary had an assembly, where their band and chorus preformed spooky music. Money for hurricane relief was raised by both the elementary, and high school. The school who raised the most, got to pick a teacher to pie in the face. The elementary raised more, and elected Mr. Bailey, to receive a pie in the face.

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