Varsity Boys Soccer

Thursday October 12th, the Lyndonville-Medina varsity boys played Albion. They played a good game but unfortunately lost to the Albion boys 3-0. With the end of the season coming up, hopefully the boys will get a few more wins.

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Tiger Way Web Activity

On Friday, October 5, Lyndonville Middle-High School Tiger Way Students participated in class meetings. This year, our class meetings are focused on building community, promoting collaborative skills, and enhancing students’ sense of belonging. On this occasion, students engaged in the “Spider Web” activity. The objective of this activity is to strengthen the connections between each member of the community. In this activity, students created a visual example of their interconnectedness. Students formed circles, and the first student wrapped the end of a yarn ball around their finger then shared a unique personal fact that may not have been known to their peers. That student then tossed the yarn to a classmate who repeated the process. As each student held their part of the yarn, a “spider web” was created. Our many unique webs helped to show us that as Tigers, we are all one despite our differences!

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Senior Night

The Lyndonville/Medina Varsity boys soccer team celebrated senior night before their game Wednesday, October 4th. They recognized all the seniors who are playing in their last soccer season before they graduate. It was filled with emotions and smiles throughout the whole night.

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Home Coming Week

This week student participated in home coming week .On Monday it was color day,  Tuesday day it was pajama day which was very comfy. Then came Wednesday, it was dress to impress picture day. Thursday was county western day and Friday was orange and black day for our school colors. Which led to the tigers pride pep rally.


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Ride 4 Life

The Ride 4 Life program came to Lyndonville Central Schools last Thursday for students in grades 5-12th. This program features stunt cyclists who perform tricks while providing important information. The lead spokesman, tells his story about his troubled past and finding a positive way out.

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Yearbook Planning Field Trip

On Friday a group of students attended the Jostens yearbook planning trip at the Buffalo Zoo. There students were inspired by guest speakers such as Caleb Campbell and the Craft brothers about the importance of yearbooks and designing them. From here students them worked one on one to create next years cover. Student enjoyed the day and we look forward to seeing the book come to life next year.


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Faculty Learn Technique from AVID 12 Students

On Wednesday, seniors in the AVID program demonstrated the philosophical chairs strategy for our faculty. Students discussed two articles and their opinions related to a hot button topic in a way that was respectful and knowledgeable with inner and outer circles. Each circle was designated to either discuss or be active listeners. This strategy allows others to listen to both sides without getting defensive and understand where others are coming from with their opinions.

Faculty gave the students praise for being courageous enough to demonstrate this in front of the whole middle and high school staff. They thought the students did a wonderful job and look forward to possibly using this strategy within their own disciplines and classrooms.

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YEA Class Presentations

Mr. Wolford’s senior YEA class members gave their business presentations on Tuesday to a panel of professionals. Students have been working towards this all year, making sure their business proposals were well thought out, accurate and obtainable. The panel gave feedback on ways to help get these businesses off the ground. Great job to all!


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St. Patty’s Day Dance

The 7th and 8th grade classes hosted a middle school dance in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day. Students got to wear their favorite shade of green and dance the night away. They enjoyed music, dancing, snacks and one person had the luck of the Irish with them for the costume contest. It was a great night with fun had by all!


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Holiday Fun

On Friday, before holiday break, students were treated to some extra fun activities. The day was started with a locker clean out followed by a band and chorus concert then holiday festivities continued in the gym and ended with movies in the classrooms. It was a great way to bring the holiday cheer to everyone!

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