Photography Project

We are learning how to use Photoshop in photography class. The project we are currently working on involves taking two animal pictures and combining the face of one animal  and placing it on the other animals body. Below is my example of a hybrid animal I created taking a toad and an alligator.


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Regents Week

This week is regents testing for all high school students.Some of the tests were AP Physics, English, Global, Trig and many others. Students have been studying hard for these tests and we wish everyone good luck.



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Have you bought a yearbook yet?

There is still a chance to save money and get your yearbook. Order before February 17th and save $11. Yearbook Club has been working very hard to make your yearbook fun and creative. Don’t miss out on saving your memories. When you buy before February 17th books are only $59, after that they are $70.  See Mrs. Lacy for more information.




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The Academic Decathlon Team is Getting Ready

Lyndonville’s Academic Decathlon team is preparing for the local competition at the end of January. The main focus now is going over practice tests and creating review for each of the seven categories. These categories include art, music, math, economics, science, literature, and history all based around this year’s theme of World War II. img_0880

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Amanda Misiti Visits the 7th Grade at Lyndonville

Former Medina graduate Amanda Misiti, came to speak to the Lyndonville 7th graders. The 7th graders just finished reading the novel “A Long Walk to Water” which takes place in Sudan, Africa, near where Misiti spent time in the Peace Corps. She helped bring a sense of understanding to students of how life really is for the citizens of Africa. Students made connections through the novel they read, by asking Amanda questions on her experiences. one topic discussed was the health and living conditions to which Misiti worked closely within a health clinic where she helped malnourished children and birthing babies. Lyndonville was grateful of her taking the time to speak to the children.

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Last six months..

As January 2017 has arrived, the seniors are rounding the corner to the last six months as LCS students. This time of year is where they buy their cap and gowns to practice walking across the stage because all good things must come to an end. The time when they finish their last two seasons of sports. They will all head on to college and come back for the breaks to catch up and talk about old times. Though these students will always be Tigers no matter where the future takes them. They have had quite the journey over the past thirteen years, losing and gaining friends, making amazing memories, sports, and of course the last year where they all decide what paths they will take. High school teaches you some wonderful things along with the people who are on this trip with you. They wouldn’t have wanted any other class to do this with. This is an amazing group of people and we know everyones future is gonna be bright. Lets make this last six months here unforgettable as we did the first four months. ” Class of 2017, the 90’s saved the best for last” – Unknown



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This week the photography class is learning about photo-montages. We learned about David Hockney and we looked at some of his works. Our new project is to take 20 pictures of one subject and make our own photo montages by putting the pictures together in a creative way.

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10th Grade Avid Food Drive

The tenth grade Avid class hosted a canned and boxed food drive for elementary students to partake in. It was very successful with a total of 470 items to be donated to a local food pantry. Miss Goheen’s class brought in a whopping 112 items which awarded them a movie and popcorn party. Great job to all!


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Students Meet Mentors

Students from Mr. Wolford’s Entrepreneurship class meet with mentors.  The mentors guide them with their business ideas, business plans, finances and give advice.  Students have the opportunity to start their own businesses. Here Ralph (Buzz) Smith is pictured with Eric, Josh and Dawson.


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Mock Interviews

Students from Mr. Wolford’s Career and Finance Class participated in “Mock Interviews.”  Kennedy is pictured interviewing with Mrs. Bow. Carlos is dressed for success.  Students have created resumes, cover letters and practiced common interview questions.

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