Yearbook Planning Field Trip

Believe it or not but the planning for next year’s yearbook has already started! Photography and Yearbook Club students had the opportunity to attend the Jostens’ Spring Yearbook conference held at the Buffalo Zoo. While at the conference students heard from experts in the fields of journalism, layout design and photography.

Students also met one on one with an artist to sketch out next years cover design to coincide with the theme selected. It was amazing to sit down and give our ideas to the artist and watch them create a cover right in front of us. Students have been using Photoshop throughout the year and were very impressed by the knowledge of the software that the artist had and to see him work with it to design a cover from scratch.

Below you will see a sneak peak of next years cover design sketch showcasing the theme of “Unearthed.” The 2018 book will focus on Lyndonville Central School comparing the past to present time. Students have a lot of great ideas that will surely make next year’s book uniquely special. Be sure to remember to order next year’s book but don’t forget there is still time to order the 2017 book as well!

Students also had time to practice their photography skills while exploring the zoo grounds. Overall the experience was wonderful and we were able to get a lot accomplished in a short amount of time.



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Student Art Show

Lyndonville student artist proudly had their art on display for the annual Art Show. There was art work representing both elementary and high school students. Some pieces even won awards! Visitors had the chance to win some prizes too! Congrats to all the artists and the lucky winners as well!



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The Day The Lights Went Out

On Wednesday March 8th, Western New York faced a major wind storm. It didn’t shy away from Lyndonville school either! Around 12:30 the power went out at the school leaving the staff and students in the dark and resulting in a wind day (instead of a snow day) the following day. We made the most of this memorable situation and documented the on-goings throughout the remaining periods of the day the lights went out.

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Zookeeper Talk

On Friday, March 3rd AVID student had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with two zoo professionals from the Seneca Park Zoo. Ryan and Randi explained their journey from high school to their current career. They spoke of their experiences in college and what struggles they had to overcome in order to establish themselves in their dream profession. Both talked about the perks and pits of working with animals and with the public. They were very informative and realistic and the students enjoyed it very much!


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The 90s

In public speaking we are working on a project to write an informative speech. The topic I selected for my informative speech is on the 1990’s. In my speech I will be talking about all of the fun and exciting games, toys and clothing styles there were. For example, some toys that were big in the 90’s were Troll dolls, Furbys and Beanie Babies.

beanie babies.jpg  Troll-dolls.jpg

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Photography Project

We are learning how to use Photoshop in photography class. The project we are currently working on involves taking two animal pictures and combining the face of one animal  and placing it on the other animals body. Below is my example of a hybrid animal I created taking a toad and an alligator.


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Regents Week

This week is regents testing for all high school students.Some of the tests were AP Physics, English, Global, Trig and many others. Students have been studying hard for these tests and we wish everyone good luck.



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Have you bought a yearbook yet?

There is still a chance to save money and get your yearbook. Order before February 17th and save $11. Yearbook Club has been working very hard to make your yearbook fun and creative. Don’t miss out on saving your memories. When you buy before February 17th books are only $59, after that they are $70.  See Mrs. Lacy for more information.




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The Academic Decathlon Team is Getting Ready

Lyndonville’s Academic Decathlon team is preparing for the local competition at the end of January. The main focus now is going over practice tests and creating review for each of the seven categories. These categories include art, music, math, economics, science, literature, and history all based around this year’s theme of World War II. img_0880

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Amanda Misiti Visits the 7th Grade at Lyndonville

Former Medina graduate Amanda Misiti, came to speak to the Lyndonville 7th graders. The 7th graders just finished reading the novel “A Long Walk to Water” which takes place in Sudan, Africa, near where Misiti spent time in the Peace Corps. She helped bring a sense of understanding to students of how life really is for the citizens of Africa. Students made connections through the novel they read, by asking Amanda questions on her experiences. one topic discussed was the health and living conditions to which Misiti worked closely within a health clinic where she helped malnourished children and birthing babies. Lyndonville was grateful of her taking the time to speak to the children.

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