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Ugly Sweater Contest

Studio Art created paper sweaters for the annual ugly sweater contest. Faculty and staff vote on the sweaters via 5 categories; most festive, most likely to actually wear, most original, most ridiculous and the funniest.


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Studio Art Field Trip

On Wednesday November 7 Lyndonville high school studio art students went on a field trip to the Albright Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo. They all observed the amazing art pieces in the gallery. Students went on a tour and learned a lot of information about the famous artists.

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Studio Art Field Trip

On November 21st, students from the Studio Art class took a field trip to The Albright Knox Art Gallery. Students explored famous pieces of art through a guided tour. They saw pieces by Picasso, Van Gogh, Pollock and many more famous artists. Students also explored the featured exhibit called, Out of Sight! Art of the Senses. Artwork within this exhibit explored the human reaction to sight, sound, smell, touch and even taste! Students enjoyed the trip and were talking about the experience for many days to follow.


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The Lions Club Peace Poster Contest

8th grade art classes at Lyndonville partook in a poster design contest presented by The Lions Club. Student were to design a poster represent the “future of peace,” without the use of any words or numbers. This was a challenge but student arose the occasion. 48 students created posters, that selection was narrowed down to 16 via the art teacher, Mrs. LeClair. Leo Club members (a youth based Lions Club group within the school) narrowed the selection down to 10. The Lions club then granted a 1st through 3rd prize winners with one honorable mention. The first place winner’s poster will go on to the next round of judging. Great job!

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Vans Shoe Company Contest

Students at Lyndonville had the exciting opportunity to design 4 pairs of shoes for the Vans Shoe Company. This was through a nation wide contest Vans holds every year. They sent the school 4 blank pairs of sneakers to which student had to design each pair based on set themes. This years themes were; Music, Art, Local Flare and Action Sports. Although our shoes came out amazing and the students worked very hard, unfortunately our shoes were not selected. However, it was a fun experience and we have amazing pieces of art to put on display.



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Student Art Show

Lyndonville student artist proudly had their art on display for the annual Art Show. There was art work representing both elementary and high school students. Some pieces even won awards! Visitors had the chance to win some prizes too! Congrats to all the artists and the lucky winners as well!



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Studio Art Field Trip

On Tuesday November 22, students in Studio Art had the privilege of attending a field trip to the Albright Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo. While at the gallery students received a tour through the visiting Picasso exhibit. Students got to see some very famous pieces of art while learning about the interesting life of Pablo Picasso. After the private tour, students were free to explore the rest of the gallery with an assignment to find a piece of artwork that called to them. The piece they selected will be used in a future art lesson within the studio art class.

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Lyndonville’s Artists

Art classes, teachers and students have partnered with the Lyndonville PTSA to promote art culture and give community members the opportunity to enjoy student generated art outside of school grounds. Each month different artists will be featured.

  • September-2nd
  • October-3rd
  • November-HS
  • December-MS
  • January-4th
  • February-HS
  • March-6th
  • April-5th
  • May-1st
  • June-K


Artwork to be showcased will include k-6th, 8th grade, Studio Art and Photography.

These students have showed how artistic they are and I was happy to have received the chance to display my own Photography work at the library this past November.

Thank you to the following Lyndonville businesses who will be hosting these students masterpieces!

Yates Community Library              Village Hall                Post Office

M&T Bank                                       The White Birch        Bill’s Sub Shop

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A Visit to The Albright Knox

Last Tuesday, students in Studio Art had the pleasure of visiting the Albright Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo. This was a wonderful experience for students to see works of art created by some of the most famous artist such as; Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh, Seurat, as well as many others. This allows students to put a name with the actual pieces as well as to understand the size range and application techniques. We explored works from a wide range of important  historical art time periods. The gallery did a wonderful job explaining how each piece was a growth from the last art style before it, thus making it an important part of art history.

Students enjoyed the trip and are working on coming up with an art lesson/project to incorporate their visit for a chance to win a grant money to be put towards Lyndonville’s future art programming. As well as a chance to have their artwork featured within the Albright Knox Gallery, sharing wall space with some of the most well known artists of all time.

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Post It Note Mural

Lyndonville’s Studio Art Class has been working very hard the last week to create a Post It Note mural. Not sure what a Post It Note mural is? Using only colored Post It Notes students created an image of a tiger. If you have ever played the game Mine Craft or looked too close at a TV screen you have probably noticed the tiny blocks of color that make up the whole image, pixels as we like to call them. From a distance you do not even notice all the colored boxes because you eyes and mind blend them together to help you see the big picture.  This project uses the same concept only we purposely pixalated an image of a tiger, the school’s mascot. Since each pixel represented a colored Post It Note, it was time for some math to be involved. Students had to figure out the real dimensions of the tiger if created out of 3″ Post Its to make sure it would fit on the wall and also how many Post It Notes would be needed all together. After 1,225 Post Its, a lot of tape and a week of hard work the tiger appeared! It is best viewed at the end of the very long hallway to allow your eyes to blend the pixels together or believe it or not viewing it through your cell phone’s camera len also helps the magic to appear! The mural turned out amazing, great job to all those involved!

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