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Interviews with a class

Mr. Wolford’s class had a interview with Mrs. Bow. In this interview they had to answer some basic questions she asked them. Some questions were about the persons social abilities with strangers and where they would work. The answers they gave and how they presented themselves help with them passing the interview. The students needed a firm handshake and to answer honestly.

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Studio Art Field Trip

On November 21st, students from the Studio Art class took a field trip to The Albright Knox Art Gallery. Students explored famous pieces of art through a guided tour. They saw pieces by Picasso, Van Gogh, Pollock and many more famous artists. Students also explored the featured exhibit called, Out of Sight! Art of the Senses. Artwork within this exhibit explored the human reaction to sight, sound, smell, touch and even taste! Students enjoyed the trip and were talking about the experience for many days to follow.


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Photography Project

We are learning how to use Photoshop in photography class. The project we are currently working on involves taking two animal pictures and combining the face of one animal  and placing it on the other animals body. Below is my example of a hybrid animal I created taking a toad and an alligator.


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This week the photography class is learning about photo-montages. We learned about David Hockney and we looked at some of his works. Our new project is to take 20 pictures of one subject and make our own photo montages by putting the pictures together in a creative way.

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Mock Interviews

Students from Mr. Wolford’s Career and Finance Class participated in “Mock Interviews.”  Kennedy is pictured interviewing with Mrs. Bow. Carlos is dressed for success.  Students have created resumes, cover letters and practiced common interview questions.

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CEO Round-table

Lyndonville students had the opportunity today to take part in a round-table discussion with CEOs/Owners of local companies.

Participants included:

Darren Campbell– is the Chief Financial Officer for Takeform, a signage manufacturer and design company.  Takeform has recently earned the most prestigious award in the A&D industry-ADEX Award for 2015.   Darren also oversees the daily administrative operations.

  Jim Simon– is the Associate Dean at GCC’s Orleans County Campus centers located in Medina and Albion. He has been very involved in hosting historic awareness events on the campus which are open to students as well as the public. One such event was the recent Civil War encampment and another was honoring local Heritage Heroes in Orleans County.

  Marsha Rivers– .Marsha Rivers is Executive Director of United Way of Orleans County. She previously served as Development Director for Hospice of Orleans and Executive Director for the Care Net Center of Greater Orleans. Rivers spent the first part of her career in higher education administration, including admissions, alumni relations, marketing and public relations roles, for her alma mater, Roberts Wesleyan College and Northeastern Seminary of Rochester, NY.

Patricia Kepner– Director of Quality Assurance/Corporate Compliance at The Arc of Orleans County.  Previously (4/1/15) fulfilled the role of Interim Executive Director at The Arc of Orleans County.  Spent the last 25 years with The Arc of Orleans County starting with working part time in residential setting and working throughout the agency to become Director of Family Support Services and added Director of Quality Assurance and Corporate Compliance in the last 3 years.   Graduated from Brockport College with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree (Social Work).  Strongly believes that experiences along with education is the way to secure your future.

Business leaders will address the following questions asked by Lyndonville student, Jeremy during their visit.

  • What they love about their role as a CEO/Owner? What types of jobs are offered? What traits they are looking for in an employee? How to make an application rise to the top of the list? Any advice they have for the students as they move forward in their careers?

Students will take away useful information for their future goals. Whether it be starting a new business, how to get hired, working for large or small companies and how to be the best employee they can be.

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The Future is Here!

What do you get when you take a classroom full of eager students, an exciting project, and automobiles?  You get Mr. Bennett’s Principles of Engineering class! This group of students have been working diligently on converting solar power into hydrogen to create fuel, in which to run small class made vehicles.

This is a big ticket item that is actually happening in the automotive field as we speak. Projects like these help students to understand where the future could take them as an engineer or scientist. In a few years we could be buying and driving cars using the same methods on a larger scale, maybe even built by Lyndonville Alumni! The future is happening now here at Lyndonville!

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