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Studio Art Field Trip

On November 21st, students from the Studio Art class took a field trip to The Albright Knox Art Gallery. Students explored famous pieces of art through a guided tour. They saw pieces by Picasso, Van Gogh, Pollock and many more famous artists. Students also explored the featured exhibit called, Out of Sight! Art of the Senses. Artwork within this exhibit explored the human reaction to sight, sound, smell, touch and even taste! Students enjoyed the trip and were talking about the experience for many days to follow.


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Business Competition

Students from Mr.Wolford’s YEA class had the opportunity to attend 43 North’s business competition. We had an amazing time watching all of the presentations. It was intriguing to watch them present their businesses because we will be presenting ours in April. Although the prizes will not be millions of dollars, it will still be fun to show off our businesses. Watching the presenters also gave us an idea of how we should conduct ourselves while presenting our businesses. This will be very helpful when April comes around. Thank you so much for the experience.YEA

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TakeForm & Baxter Field Trips

On April 26, 2017 students from Career & Finance, Entrepreneurship, Intro to Engineering, and Principals of Engineering classes had the opportunity to tour TakeForm and Baxter Healthcare in Medina.  Students had the opportunity to view 2 different types of manufacturing plants.  They were exposed to a variety of jobs including engineering, design, graphic design, accounting, production, computer machining, shipping and clerical.

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Studio Art Field Trip

On Tuesday November 22, students in Studio Art had the privilege of attending a field trip to the Albright Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo. While at the gallery students received a tour through the visiting Picasso exhibit. Students got to see some very famous pieces of art while learning about the interesting life of Pablo Picasso. After the private tour, students were free to explore the rest of the gallery with an assignment to find a piece of artwork that called to them. The piece they selected will be used in a future art lesson within the studio art class.

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Future Farmers of America

The National FFA is a great organization that is committed to individuals; providing a path to success in leadership, personal growth, and career achievement. It continues to help students and the upcoming generations create their own unique talents and explore their interests in agricultural career pathways. In the photo below teens from schools all over Orleans county met at GCC to talk to farmers and businesses about what it is they do, and the importance in what they do.


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Yearbook Field Trip

Yesterdays field trip to Acqua was a blast for the photography class.  We got to collaborate with other schools and build something out of nothing. There were many different yearbooks that helped us with our ideas for our schools 2017 yearbook.





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Lyndonville Students Visit Confer Plastics

On Feb 2nd students from the Young Entrepreneurs class, Project Lead the Way classes and Career & Finance classes visited Confer Plastics located in North Tonawanda.  They were introduced to the manufacture of pool ladders and  kayaks through the use of blow molding.  Students were able to witness the manufacturing of various plastic products and see the shipping and storage of the goods.  Bob Confer hosted the tour and led discussion on choosing careers and the college or training that would be needed.  There is a great need for truck drivers, and machinists with the potential to make good money.  Topics included business, human resources, costs of running a business and employee softskills.

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A Visit to The Albright Knox

Last Tuesday, students in Studio Art had the pleasure of visiting the Albright Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo. This was a wonderful experience for students to see works of art created by some of the most famous artist such as; Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh, Seurat, as well as many others. This allows students to put a name with the actual pieces as well as to understand the size range and application techniques. We explored works from a wide range of important  historical art time periods. The gallery did a wonderful job explaining how each piece was a growth from the last art style before it, thus making it an important part of art history.

Students enjoyed the trip and are working on coming up with an art lesson/project to incorporate their visit for a chance to win a grant money to be put towards Lyndonville’s future art programming. As well as a chance to have their artwork featured within the Albright Knox Gallery, sharing wall space with some of the most well known artists of all time.

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Field Trip to Microsoft Store

The Digital Literacy class went to the Microsoft store in the Walden Galleria Mall to learn more about technology. The purpose of this trip was to show students what kind of jobs they could have in the future if they decide to pursue technology or computer software as a possible career choice.

On the trip, students toured Microsoft and got to learn about all the different jobs that are offered like Sales Associates, Business Professionals and Inventory Managers. Students even got to try to sell a Microsoft product to the class. The field trip was very fun and a great learning experience for those with interest in technology or business.

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Visit to TakeForm & Baxter in Medina

Career & Finance and PLTW classes Visit TakeForm & Baxter in Medina

By: Aubrey

Students from LCS were able to explore career fields at Baxter and TakeForm.  Baxter employs 600 people at the Medina facility. They are part of a worldwide corporation.   At Baxter, they make IV pumps for hospitals. They have many different components of production, such as delivery, troubleshooting, and assembly. “I learned many interesting new facts about this company, the products, and its jobs. The factor that I found the most fascinating however was the assembly. It was amusing how many parts and how much concentration was needed to produce one part.”

The second place my group went to was TakeForm. This was a place that makes signs and wall graphics. Some of the different components of this business were design and production. What appealed to me at this place was the creativity that had to be put in to create their products. Also it was interesting about all of the different skills needed to produce their work.

“The graphic design portion of TakeForm interested me for a career. This is because design and creativity is something I enjoy doing. I would probably need some type of art class throughout high school, but I’m not so sure about college.”


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