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Holiday Fun

On Friday, before holiday break, students were treated to some extra fun activities. The day was started with a locker clean out followed by a band and chorus concert then holiday festivities continued in the gym and ended with movies in the classrooms. It was a great way to bring the holiday cheer to everyone!

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Annual “Ugly” Sweater Contest

Studio Art students participated in an annual “ugly” sweater contest. Students created their own versions of “ugly” sweaters, to which they were then on display for faculty and staff to vote for their favorites. Categories included; Most Festive, Most Likely to Actual Wear, Most Ridiculous, Funniest and Most Original. LCS staff commented that students this year created the best sweaters then following years. It was a fun and festive way to get into the holiday spirit!

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Elementary Musical

The elementary musical is something that students, staff and the community look forward to every year. This year students did an amazing job and the audience acknowledge that. Nice work to all that were involved and we look forward to next year!

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Happy Halloween, Lyndonville

Halloween is a time of joy, candy, and costumes.  The PTA Halloween party, on the 27th of October was an addition to the excitement. kids of all ages could play games, enjoy activities, crafts, and food. The elementary had an assembly, where their band and chorus preformed spooky music. Money for hurricane relief was raised by both the elementary, and high school. The school who raised the most, got to pick a teacher to pie in the face. The elementary raised more, and elected Mr. Bailey, to receive a pie in the face.

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High-5 Day

The last official school day for middle and high school students is always a fun one. Monday, students started their day with locker clean outs, an awards ceremony, a senior class procession through the halls, followed by fun and games outside. Having this day allows student to reflect on this past year and interact with staff members in a fun way (even dunking some in the dunk tank). It also allows for a much needed break before regents testing begins. Please enjoy some photos from the events!


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Last six months..

As January 2017 has arrived, the seniors are rounding the corner to the last six months as LCS students. This time of year is where they buy their cap and gowns to practice walking across the stage because all good things must come to an end. The time when they finish their last two seasons of sports. They will all head on to college and come back for the breaks to catch up and talk about old times. Though these students will always be Tigers no matter where the future takes them. They have had quite the journey over the past thirteen years, losing and gaining friends, making amazing memories, sports, and of course the last year where they all decide what paths they will take. High school teaches you some wonderful things along with the people who are on this trip with you. They wouldn’t have wanted any other class to do this with. This is an amazing group of people and we know everyones future is gonna be bright. Lets make this last six months here unforgettable as we did the first four months. ” Class of 2017, the 90’s saved the best for last” – Unknown



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Valentine’s Day Fun

Before our one week break, Kindergartners celebrated Valentine’s Day. In Mrs. Boyle’s class they came back from one of their specials and they had a candy box and valentine’s all over their tables. Kids brought in candy and each one of them got to hand them out to their peers. The kids seemed to have a lot of fun and they all enjoyed the fun before the break.

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Winter Wonderland Celebration

On December 18th 2015 Lyndonville’s elementary school had a winter wonderland celebration. Each grade had a presentation of poems and songs to celebrate the holidays.DSC_1617

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Kindergarten Students Celebrate Halloween!

On Friday, October 30th, kindergarten students in Mrs.Boyle’s class celebrate Halloween. Every student dressed up in costumes ranging from superheros to Disney princesses. Each student brought in a bag of candy to share with the class and they had a small party to celebrate. Something they will remember forever!

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Visit to TakeForm & Baxter in Medina

Career & Finance and PLTW classes Visit TakeForm & Baxter in Medina

By: Aubrey

Students from LCS were able to explore career fields at Baxter and TakeForm.  Baxter employs 600 people at the Medina facility. They are part of a worldwide corporation.   At Baxter, they make IV pumps for hospitals. They have many different components of production, such as delivery, troubleshooting, and assembly. “I learned many interesting new facts about this company, the products, and its jobs. The factor that I found the most fascinating however was the assembly. It was amusing how many parts and how much concentration was needed to produce one part.”

The second place my group went to was TakeForm. This was a place that makes signs and wall graphics. Some of the different components of this business were design and production. What appealed to me at this place was the creativity that had to be put in to create their products. Also it was interesting about all of the different skills needed to produce their work.

“The graphic design portion of TakeForm interested me for a career. This is because design and creativity is something I enjoy doing. I would probably need some type of art class throughout high school, but I’m not so sure about college.”


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