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Last Days of School

June is one of the busiest months in the school year. Projects need to be completed, lessons need to be wrapped up, rooms need to be cleaned, fun needs to be had and students need to move forward to the next grade. This week Lyndonville welcomed the new 7th grade students at their 6th grade moving up ceremony, greeted the new 1st graders at the kindergarten graduation and had the elementary field games day. Emotions were high with excited students and sentimental parents and family members. Best of luck as our students transition into a new school year. Have a wonderful summer!!


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“You can do it” “I believe in you”-Sammy V.

“You can do it” and “I believe in you,” were just some of the inspirational words Sammy Violante shared with Lyndonville 5th-12th grade students during an assembly Monday. Sammy shared his life story and the important lessons he learned along the way. With his speech focusing on adversity and how to overcome difficult situations in life, he inspired our students.

Sammy shared how he thought he had it all; top career, money, wife, nice car, fancy house, etc. but was never completely happy. In his 40’s, Sammy was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and lost his successes to the disorder. It was through this rough patch that he learned he was never truly successful because he wasn’t happy in his life.  

He took this adversity and turn it into something positive. With inspiration from his father, he sought help and eventually took charge of his OCD. Sammy saw this as a new opportunity to focus on what he loved, mentoring children.  Sammy began volunteering at the Compass House, an organization to help homeless and runaway teens. He discusses his life story and teaches life lessons to children in order to inspire them to overcome any adversities they may face throughout their life.

Sammy’s main take away is to pursue your passion in life and only then will you be completely happy. He encourages students to work their hardest and go above and beyond. In the words of Sammy Violante, “attitude is altitude.”

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