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St. Patty’s Day Dance

The 7th and 8th grade classes hosted a middle school dance in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day. Students got to wear their favorite shade of green and dance the night away. They enjoyed music, dancing, snacks and one person had the luck of the Irish with them for the costume contest. It was a great night with fun had by all!


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Red Ribbon Week

Last week was Red Ribbon week. Students pledge to stay drug free through many fun activities. We started the week by showing our support and wearing red. The days to follow were:

  • Wear sweats “don’t sweat it, be drug free”
  • Wear jeans “be a jean-ius and stay drug free”
  • Wear a sports jersey “pick the right team and stay drug free”
  • Wear a Halloween costume “Don’t mask the issue, stay drug free”

Students were awarded tiger tickets throughout the week for showing a caring and safe environment. Student were then able to chase in those tickets for goodies or locker decorations. There was a locker decorating contest to follow.

It was a fun and exciting week all for a good cause!

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High-5 Day

The last official school day for middle and high school students is always a fun one. Monday, students started their day with locker clean outs, an awards ceremony, a senior class procession through the halls, followed by fun and games outside. Having this day allows student to reflect on this past year and interact with staff members in a fun way (even dunking some in the dunk tank). It also allows for a much needed break before regents testing begins. Please enjoy some photos from the events!


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Student Art Show

Lyndonville student artist proudly had their art on display for the annual Art Show. There was art work representing both elementary and high school students. Some pieces even won awards! Visitors had the chance to win some prizes too! Congrats to all the artists and the lucky winners as well!



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Leo Club Tree Decorating

The Leo Club at Lyndonville Central School participated in decorating a tree for the holidays. The kids that are in Leo Club had an amazing time and worked together to make the tree look amazing.

leo club 2.jpgleo club.jpgIMG_2342.jpg

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8th grade Career Day

Career day  for the 8th graders was on November 18th. There were  many different career sessions students could attend. Some included Animal Control, Law Enforcement, 3D designing and many others. The kids all had fun and enjoyed the day and asked a lot of questions throughout.

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Career Day!!

By: Seth

8th graders attended a career day on November 21st. As part of the career day, students were able to rotate through a variety of careers to see if they maybe interested in that topic. We had speakers from the Seneca Park Zoo, St. John Fisher College, a law enforcement agency, agriculture, and B.O.C.E.S. It was a lot fun learning about the different types of careers out there. I hope others found it helpful as well. I learned that I want to attend the Computer Tech program at B.O.C.E.S.

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