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Yearbook Planning Field Trip

Believe it or not but the planning for next year’s yearbook has already started! Photography and Yearbook Club students had the opportunity to attend the Jostens’ Spring Yearbook conference held at the Buffalo Zoo. While at the conference students heard from experts in the fields of journalism, layout design and photography.

Students also met one on one with an artist to sketch out next years cover design to coincide with the theme selected. It was amazing to sit down and give our ideas to the artist and watch them create a cover right in front of us. Students have been using Photoshop throughout the year and were very impressed by the knowledge of the software that the artist had and to see him work with it to design a cover from scratch.

Below you will see a sneak peak of next years cover design sketch showcasing the theme of “Unearthed.” The 2018 book will focus on Lyndonville Central School comparing the past to present time. Students have a lot of great ideas that will surely make next year’s book uniquely special. Be sure to remember to order next year’s book but don’t forget there is still time to order the 2017 book as well!

Students also had time to practice their photography skills while exploring the zoo grounds. Overall the experience was wonderful and we were able to get a lot accomplished in a short amount of time.



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Photography Project

We are learning how to use Photoshop in photography class. The project we are currently working on involves taking two animal pictures and combining the face of one animal  and placing it on the other animals body. Below is my example of a hybrid animal I created taking a toad and an alligator.


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This week the photography class is learning about photo-montages. We learned about David Hockney and we looked at some of his works. Our new project is to take 20 pictures of one subject and make our own photo montages by putting the pictures together in a creative way.

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Yearbook Field Trip

Yesterdays field trip to Acqua was a blast for the photography class.  We got to collaborate with other schools and build something out of nothing. There were many different yearbooks that helped us with our ideas for our schools 2017 yearbook.





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It Finally Snows

After all this time of waiting its has finally come. A few inches has already fallen within a few weeks of it snowing. Kids can finally go sledding and build snowmen. IMG_0563

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Yearbook Convention Trip

Last week, two Junior students (Rhiannon and Samantha) had the pleasure of attending the Jostens’ Spring Yearbook Convention. At the convention we learned the importance of how the layout of the book can change the whole feeling for the viewer. There was a wonderful speaker who works directly with magazine companies to help create the best layout for the content.  He showed us the importance of negative space, color, text, layering, etc when creating a layout. There was also another speaker to teach us some tips and tricks for taking better photos.

We then got to speak with a cover artist to discuss our ideas for next years book. As we told him our thoughts he sketched out his interpretation. It was very interesting to watch him work and create an amazing cover right before our eyes. From here we went out into the zoo to try out our photography skills and apply the ideas that the speakers presented us. 

It was a wonderful trip and we are excited to unveil the theme and cover for next years book around homecoming time!

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Raku Clay Firing

The studio art and photography students had the privilege of taking a field trip to Nazareth College to watch a special clay firing technique called Raku. Students in Studio Art created clay vessels and leaves through a grant project from Go Art. This grant allowed students to work closely with clay artist, Deborah Wilson. Ms. Wilson talked about her career, showed some of her own artwork and gave students tips and tricks for created clay sculptures. The student’s art teacher, Mrs. LeClair, reached out to her former clay professor at Nazareth College, to provide students with the opportunity to not only watch the outdoor raku firing of their clay pieces, but also take a tour of the college and watch a demonstration of throwing clay on a pottery wheel. The photography students came along on the trip to capture the process via a narrative story using photographs.  It was a fun and successful trip and the finished pieces are spectacular.  Great job and thank you to all involved for a wonderful time!

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