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Faculty Learn Technique from AVID 12 Students

On Wednesday, seniors in the AVID program demonstrated the philosophical chairs strategy for our faculty. Students discussed two articles and their opinions related to a hot button topic in a way that was respectful and knowledgeable with inner and outer circles. Each circle was designated to either discuss or be active listeners. This strategy allows others to listen to both sides without getting defensive and understand where others are coming from with their opinions.

Faculty gave the students praise for being courageous enough to demonstrate this in front of the whole middle and high school staff. They thought the students did a wonderful job and look forward to possibly using this strategy within their own disciplines and classrooms.

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High-5 Day

The last official school day for middle and high school students is always a fun one. Monday, students started their day with locker clean outs, an awards ceremony, a senior class procession through the halls, followed by fun and games outside. Having this day allows student to reflect on this past year and interact with staff members in a fun way (even dunking some in the dunk tank). It also allows for a much needed break before regents testing begins. Please enjoy some photos from the events!


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DWI Simulation & Prevention Assembly

Today Lyndonville student’s grades 10th-12th, learned about the dangers of drinking and driving. The day started with students witnessing volunteer fire fighters, EMT, law enforcement and senior class students taking on the role of a simulated car crash as a result of drinking and driving. Students were surprised at the length of time it can take to provide the help needed for those hurt. Seeing the firemen and EMT personnel working as hard as they could and still the amount of time the injured where in the car while the dismantled the vehicle. A few students said that the simulation was at times difficult to watch but they were thankful to all those who helped to put things in perspective.

Following the simulated crash student then met Justin A. Randall Jr. Randall was injured from drinking and driving while in college. He drove home after a party that he had been drinking at ultimately crashed his vehicle. Randall was the only one involved in the crash that left him unable to walk, use his left arm and speak. He now visits organizations with an interpreter to tell his story in hopes to educated others to not make the same mistake.

Students then heard from Orleans County Sheriffs about the importance of not being distracted with driving by cell phones, radios, Ipads, etc.

Seniors were then given a special t-shirt to show their support to not drink and drive or be a distracted driver. The t-shirt logo was created by a 9th grade Lyndonville student who was selected as the winning design among many applicants.


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Last six months..

As January 2017 has arrived, the seniors are rounding the corner to the last six months as LCS students. This time of year is where they buy their cap and gowns to practice walking across the stage because all good things must come to an end. The time when they finish their last two seasons of sports. They will all head on to college and come back for the breaks to catch up and talk about old times. Though these students will always be Tigers no matter where the future takes them. They have had quite the journey over the past thirteen years, losing and gaining friends, making amazing memories, sports, and of course the last year where they all decide what paths they will┬átake. High school teaches you some wonderful things along with the people who are on this trip with you. They wouldn’t have wanted any other class to do this with. This is an amazing group of people and we know everyones future is gonna be bright. Lets make this last six months here unforgettable as we did the first four months. ” Class of 2017, the 90’s saved the best for last” – Unknown



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Lyndonville/Medina Musical “Guys and Dolls”

Guys  Dolls t-shirt mock-up (1)High school students from both Lyndonville and Medina will be preforming in the musical “Guys and Dolls” on March 11th at 7pm, March 12th at 7pm, and a final performance on March 13th at 2pm. The students have been working very hard these past few months to pull off this amazing show. Medina Senior, Joe Mangiola will be playing the role of Sky Masterson, Lyndonville Junior, Salma Huzair will be playing the role of Sarah Brown, Medina Junior, Abel Zavitz will play the role of Nathan Detroit, Medina Junior, Cora Payne will be playing the role of Miss Adelaide, and Lyndonville Senior, Thomas Follman will be playing the role of Nicely-Nicely Johnson. Come support these amazing students as they show off their hard work and dedication in “Guys and Dolls.”

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